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We provide Adult, Teen, and Parent Taught Driver Training. You can take the Class C Exam FREE as part of our course.

Our Texas Driver Training Course is State of Texas TxDPS approved. This course can be taken from the convenience of your home and is 100% online. Free Class C Exam for students.

**ASD License #3323**

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Parent Taught Driver Education


    Minimum Age: 14 yrs / 8 months Maximum Age: 17 yrs

    This online teen class allows a parent or approved guardian to teach safe driving skills and the rules of the road from home. They will supervise your practice driving to satisfy the TDLR behind-the-wheel requirements.Free Class C Exam with Course!
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Texas Adult Driver Education


    Minimum Age: 18 yrs
    Maximum Age: 24 yrs

    Register if you are 18 - 24 years old. If you are over 24 years old, you don’t need to take driver education. However, this course will satisfy all the requirements for the DPS to apply for your Driver’s License. Free Class C Exam with Course!
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Texas Teen Driver Education


    Minimum Age: 14 yrs
    Maximum Age: 17 yrs

    This block-style online course is a self-taught driver education course for teens. It helps teens acquire the essential knowledge to be a safe driver. Once the course is complete, find a TDLR approved driving school to set up the driving time. Free Class C Exam with Course!
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Texas Parent Taught Course for Home-schooled Teens

Best Online course for TX Driver Education

So many teens are being taught from home; whether by choice because families are interested in homeschooling or because the school is offering a virtual option. This is a great opportunity to take a drivers education online! Online Driver education programs for teens have always been available, but are more popular now. Students are becoming more independent and capable to manage their time. Online courses allow students to plan what they are working on each day to obtain an important life goal. This is a time in their lives when they want to show they are responsible, ready to take on a new skill. A lifelong skill! These are some of the qualities you should be looking for in an online school:

*Experience - You want to use a school that has been creating driver education curriculum for many years. Experience counts!

*Videos - Students learn best when they can see real world scenarios demonstrating difficult skills needed to drive safely.

*Quizzes - We don't want a student moving forward unless they can show proficiency in what they have learned. Repetition is best practice!

*Safety - Find a driving school that focuses on safe driving practices

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Texas Adult Online Syllabus

6-Hour Classroom Instruction

Module 1: Introducation

Module 2: Your License to Drive

Module 3: Right-of-Way

Module 4: Traffic Control Devices

Module 5: Controlling Traffic Flow

Module 6: Alcohol and Other Drugs

Module 7: Cooperating with Other Roadway Users

Module 8: Managing Risk

Texas Class C Exam

Texas Driver Education Exclusively For Adults Final Exam

Texas Teen & Parent Taught Online Syllabus

32-Hour Classroom Instruction

Module 1: Traffic Laws

Texas Class C Exam

Module 2: Driver Preparation

Module 3: Vehicle Movements

Module 4: Driver Readiness

Module 5: Risk Reduction

Module 6: Environmental Factors

Module 7: Distractions

Module 8: Alcohol and Drugs

Module 9: Adverse Conditions

Module 10: Vehicle Requirements

Module 11: Consumer Responsibility

Module 12: Personal Responsibility and Driving

Texas Class C Exam

Texas Driver Education For Teens Final Exam

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your course Texas state approved?

Our Texas Online Classes have been approved by the TDLR (AS Driver Education #3323).

What is different about the Parent Taught Class?

Before you start teaching our Texas Parent-Taught Online Driver Education course to your student, you must request a Parent-Taught Driver Education (PTDE) program guide from Texas’ Department of Public Safety (DPS). Your student will be enrolled in the PTDE program with Texas once you receive this program guide. It contains information about choosing your PTDE course, teaching the course as required by the state of Texas, and how to apply for a license for your student. To request this program guide you must send an application requesting to teach a PTDE course and a $20.00 check or money order to: Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Driver Education and Safety PO Box 12157 Austin, TX 78711 **Please be aware: TDLR cannot approve a parent’s driving record. It is the parent’s responsibility to contact DPS to check their driving record before ordering the guide.** For more information on getting a TDLR Program Guide, please visit:

How does your course work?

All of our online programming will be accessible at any point as long as you are logging in from a computer with internet access. In terms of completion processes, for our Texas Online Teen Driver Education course, you will receive a certificate upon successful completion and once the final exam has been passed. This certificate will allow you to go apply for a learner’s license and you will need to find an approved driving school to complete the driving portion with you. For the Parent Taught and Adult Courses, you can request the bottom portion of the DE-964 form as soon as you pass the Clas C Exam to get your learner's permit. Then, complete the course and Final Exam to get the final cetificate of completiong to take your driver's test.

How long do I have to work on the course?

The state allows you to work on the course for up to 2 hours a day. If you hit that 2-hour mark, you will be logged out of your class and have to wait 24 hours before you can log back in. We recommend working every other day for up to two hours. NOTE: If you need to walk away for any reason make sure you log out. Your progress will be saved. If you do not log out then you time will continue to run even if you are not actively working on the course. We CANNOT over ride this.

What does your course include?

Each of our courses will provide you with the proper hours required by the state to make you eligible for your road test. You will still need to sign up and pass your road test separately through the DPS in order to become eligible for your license.

What is the Class C Test?

Our program now provides the state approved Class C Exam with your online course at no additional charge. This is equivalent to the written test you would take through the DPS when applying for your Learner’s License. This Class C Exam can be taken for any of our Texas online programs, regardless of your course and/or age. You must take the Class C Exam before the final exam.

How long do I get to complete your course?

The state allows you to complete your class within 180 days.

What about the in-car portion of driver’s education?

For the Texas Teen Online Driver Education course, once the full 32 hours of classroom instruction has been completed, you will need to find an approved driving school to complete the 14 hours of driving, and will be able to complete the additional 30 hours with a parent/guardian once the student has their learner’s license.

How many attempts do I have to pass my final exam?

You are allowed 3 attempts to pass the final exam. If you fail the exam 3 times, we will allow you to retake the class at no additional fee. Please call our office to get more information about making a new account at no additional cost.

When will I get my certificate of completion?

We will always mail out the certificate to the address on your online account. Please double check all spelling and numbers are correct.
For the Adult Driver Ed Online, we will send your certificate to you as soon as pass your final exam. You can contact us if you like to pay for a faster option other than regular shipping. For the Texas Parent Taught Driver Ed Online for Teens, we require both the drive log and observation log in order to generate your Final Completion certificate, so please send that to us at your earliest convenience.
For the Texas Teen Driver Ed Course we are required to know the company & address of the driving school you will be completing your behind the wheel with, OR the parent/guardian & address the student will be completing the behind the wheel with in order to “transfer” this certificate appropriately. Please email us at with your students full name, that your student has completed the TX Teen Online program, and the information required for transfer. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!
Our compliance department is working hard to get these certificates out as quickly as possible, so the certificate can take up to 14 days to reach you.
If you are still not seeing a certificate, or have any other questions, please feel free to contact our office during regular business hours, and we would be happy to look into your account/certificate further.

Can you fax or email certificates?

Only limited DPS Branches allow emailed copies of the certificates, so check with your local DPS office. If you would like a certificate to be emailed, we can only email a DPS Representative directly, so you would need to provide us with their official state email. For more information, please feel free to call our office.


Please feel free to ask any other questions via email directly to our online division at, or you may call our corporate office during normal business hours at 734-665-7374